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Crazy numbers for Hastings

From previous letter, a couple of pieces of constructive criticism have been received. About dredging, evidently many people find it difficult to relate to Mm3 (millions of cubic metres). Per previous letter, maximum anchorage space is for just five ships at 5000m E-W by

Bass CEO backs planning record

Your editorial last week (21 January) does our community a disservice. Your assertion that Council’s land use planning approvals process is slow and obstructive is unsubstantiated – so let’s look at the facts. The State Government monitors the performance of every Council planning service

Victoria records lowest road toll

Victoria has just recorded its lowest road toll in 90 years. The last time the road toll was this low was in 1924. A number of strategies implemented by the Victorian Coalition Government, in partnership with road safety agencies and Victoria Police, have helped

Hardly a gift

With the imminent and much heralded grand opening of the Victorian desalination project ecological reserve, I feel it is time to reflect upon what Aquasure’s ‘community gift’ really symbolises. Whilst it is laudable that the community has a system of tracks and wetlands to

A scar on Venus Bay

Open Letter to The Hon. Peter Walsh, MP, Minister for Agriculture and Food Security. Dear Minister, This is a letter that I never thought that I would have to write. It is about the annual arrival of visitors to Venus Bay with a single