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It’s official: Country roads are a disaster

WE ALL know the state of country roads in Victoria is bad but when a former chairman and CEO of Vicroads of almost 20 years, Colin Jordan, goes public with such comments, our MPs better stand up and take notice. On the eve of

Is nothing sacred on Facebook?

THE red bin collection controversy in Bass Coast has sparked all kinds of responses on social media but one we noticed on the weekend may have been too much, even for Facebook. One commentator at Inverloch has taken to looking into his neighbours’ bins

They expected to get collected

The attached photos were typical of Inverloch streets last week. Last week was not the allocated week for garbage/red bin pickup. Looking at the photos though residents and holiday makers certainly had an expectation that it was. Fully support recycling but think it’s time

Big thank you from top citizen

At this time last year I was overwhelmed about being chosen as the South Gippsland Shire Citizen of the Year for 2017. It was an overwhelming experience and one I will not forget. A big thank you must be given to the South Gippsland

Better safe than sorry

I bought two pot plants in December named ‘Nerium Oleander’, a dwarf variety called ‘Mediterranean Rose.’ A visitor to my house saw the plants and was very concerned because of their toxicity. The rear of the label had a note CAUTION: Harmful if eaten,