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Take a stand against logging

Forty-one new species of Australian animals and plants are now on the official list of those edging to extinction, according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the only environment group which has UN observer status. This group gets advice from 10,000 international

Need or want an off-road racetrack?

Now that’s the question. South Gippsland is already blessed with off-road racing venues at Hedley, Outtrim and Yarram that are available for use by any club that is affiliated with Motorcycling Victoria. Few clubs in Victoria have such easy access to an off-road venue.

Trail, train or both?

Your article (June 13) ‘Rail push picks up steam’ quotes MP Danny O’Brien: “Some sections of the community want the train back, but there’s also a growing push for the bike path” to be extended from Leongatha to Korumburra. Both the return of trains

City to the bush

This poem is in appreciation of both my partner Jan C. Morris and I, Tony Lambides-Turner, being welcomed most warmly into your township of Korumburra, after leaving Chelsea Heights, in Melbourne. We were both residents there for over 30 years. It’s from ‘Henry Lives’,

Save the farmers

An open letter to McMillan MP Russell Broadbent (he didn’t respond to this letter sent in April). We note that the redistribution of boundaries by the Australian Electoral Commission has resulted in McMillan/Monash becoming a more rural seat. As farmers in your electorate, we