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Proceed with caution on rail trail extension

Re: ‘2018/19 Proposed Annual Budget and Revised Council Plan 2017–2021 – Open Hearing’ – (Council Plan – Strategic Objective 1.3.4 – Investigate feasibility of further extensions and upgrades to the Rail Trails, particularly between Leongatha and Korumburra and explore opportunities to develop nationally significant

Lobby councils to withdraw

I must commend those fighting for the retention of the bookmobile service for their communities.Perhaps their lobbying is best directed at their councils which can withdraw ratepayer funds from the West Gippsland Libraries.The South Gippsland Shire Council and Bass Coast Shire Council provide the

Disgraceful lack of action

Here we go again. Noxious weed season in Gippsland.Another appalling year of government heads turning the other way.We live in a dichotomous Nanny State. On one hand there is an abundance of fussy regulations that impinge on people’s rights yet on the other something

The Cobb and Co courier library

Sometime after a review in 2014, the West Gippsland Regional Library Corporation (WGRLC) decided to dump the long-standing south coast mobile library service.This period also coincided with the appointment of a new CEO.The decision was kept secret and was made without a replacement service

Final indignity for passenger rail at Korumburra

THE township of Korumburra came to a standstill last Friday, right in the middle of peak hour at lunch time, but thankfully, for a mercifully short period of time. Such was the efficiency of contractors engaged to move one of the ‘red rattler’ passenger