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Beautifully original FJ Leon’s Aussie dream car

BEST known as ‘Leon from Leongatha’ for his exploits on a bicycle, especially as associated with the annual Leongatha Cycling Carnival and Great Victorian Bike Ride, Leon Watchorn admits to at least one other vice – old cars. Although he won’t hear too much

Obey the limit around schools

POLICE are cracking down on speeding in school zones, with highway patrol and uniform officers enforcing speed limits across Bass Coast and South Gippsland. Operation ‘School’s In’ launched recently and is part of an ongoing local road safety plan. Sergeant Peter Pearce said police

Your Ford or Mitsubishi is at home here

WESTAWAY Ford and Knights Mitsubishi of Leongatha take their responsibility as the region’s authorised dealer and service agent for these two well-regarded motor vehicle brands very seriously. And it’s an attention to customer service excellence by factory-trained technicians and sales agents, over the course

Warning after truck and three cars collide

POLICE have cautioned drivers to choose safer locations when attempting u-turns on a highway or busy road and not to have their wheels turned towards on-coming traffic while sitting stationary, waiting to turn in the middle of the road. Sergeant of police at the

It’s enough to ruin your Sunday

WHAT would it do to the enjoyment of your Sunday if you got a $159 parking ticket shoved under your windscreen wiper? Sunday? It would probably ruin your whole week. Well that was the greeting up to half-a-dozen people got recently when they returned