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Going above and beyond to say thanks

ONE year on from the farm accident that almost claimed his life, Mirboo’s Rodney Donat has gone to extraordinary lengths to thank his wife for her support throughout his recovery. Rodney broke his neck last October falling down a steep gully while working on

Election pitch for trains, more buses

SOUTH Gippsland Shire Council conducted a community consultation on public transport services for South Gippsland in partnership with South and West Gippsland Transport Group (SWGTG). And the results are in. Public transport, or the lack of it in South Gippsland, and Bass Coast for

Outlaw bikies roll in

LIKE their better-known counterparts; the Hells Angles, Bandidos and Comancheros; the Outlaws Motorcycle Club of Australia is identified by the Australian Crime Commission as an outlaw motorcycle gang (OMCG). But if trouble was anticipated when upwards of 300 of their members rolled into South

Bass Coast in planning lockdown

THE Liberals say they came up with the idea first. But Labor made a bigger splash. The outcome of twin promises over the weekend is that there’s now bipartisan support for stricter planning controls, by government legislation no less, to protect Phillip Island and

Small towns ‘abandoned’ by library corporation

By Matt Male BASS Coast residents in small Waterline towns are fighting a move to scrap the West Gippsland Libraries mobile truck, arguing the proposed replacement options are rubbish. The library corporation denies there will be a downgrade in service for affected towns; and