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Council spooked by dam dispute – SENTINEL-TIMES COMMENT

By Michael Giles IT might look like a dam now but the facility which is at the centre of a dispute between the South Gippsland Shire Council and Ansevata Nominees, is actually a retarding basin. It says so in the 27-year old contract which

What a waste

Many community members might consider the previous Bass Coast Shire Council as having been the ‘worst ever’ in Bass Coast. Fortunately, among the current councillors are a number who have proven credentials in business management and finance. And we’ve already seen a stronger sense

A big Yes!

I felt mixed emotions as I put pen to paper to cast my vote on changing our Marriage Law to allow same-sex couples to marry. It felt disrespectful and wrong to be placed in a position to judge whether or not fellow Australians should

Load of old rubbish

Following my Letter on August 22 suggesting the old rubbish bins should be sold for approximately $1 million, it would appear that the executive of council has advised the Mayor that it is dangerous to sell the old wheelie bins. This is not the

AFL Gippsland supports all

I noted with interest and disappointment some editorial and comment in the reports from local newspapers this week regarding the lack of attendance and support of AFL Gippsland to the Alberton Football Netball League’s finals series and the league in general. There is a