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Day of reckoning is coming

by Michael Giles ONE day, there could be a potentially massive claim for damages over the planning, construction and operation of the state’s windfarms. Among those aggrieved by the location of these huge, industrial facilities, on farming land beside their previously tranquil, intensely rural

Why education is suffering

I write to add to your response to educational standards in Australia (editorial comment and ‘How good is the education our kids are receiving?’ from Sentinel-Times, Tuesday, May 15). I believe the greatest negative impact on education has been from changes in the home

Chemo and support at Leongatha

I wish to make comment about the articles in last week’s Sentinel-Times about Bass Coast/South Gippsland having no chemotherapy facilities and that Bass Coast hospital must have this facility for themselves so patients do not have to go to Melbourne etc etc. I was

Great support for Cape’s Cuppa

There’s no better way to bring people together, for a worthy cause, than the mighty cup of tea, and of course, the creamed scones and cake. This year Cape’s Cuppa was a sell-out, with more than 160 people attending. A standing ovation was given

A 100 year old mystery

I need help to locate lost great-uncle who may have lived in Loch in 1927 and 1928. Here is the mysterious situation as best I know it. My great-grandmother Edna Josephine Anderson, born in Mauritius on January 11, 1875 into the Scottish expatriate community,