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Embrace the plastic bag ban

by Michael Giles ONCE one supermarket said they were prepared to go ‘plastic bag free’ at the checkout, it has been refreshingly encouraging to see how quickly the others have followed suit. There’s still a long way to go where the packaging of food

Top notch health care

I want to tell everyone what a good experience I had (as much as you can, feeling very ill) at the Wonthaggi Hospital Emergency Department on July 4, 2018. The staff were so caring and patient, tending to my wellbeing with skill, compassion and

Ease up, Tom

Regarding Tom Murray-White’s comments in the Sentinel-Times on July 10 concerning two letters published recently; one about riding bikes on footpaths and the other the problems caused by “plastic nappies”. Tom Murray-White’s use of the word “rant” in his tirade of abusive comments describes

Club loans not very sporting

Daniel Andrews just doesn’t get community sport and the work that countless volunteers put into supporting their clubs. Why else would he be offering loans, with interest, to grassroots sports clubs, while handing the country’s wealthiest sporting organisation $225 million to renovate Etihad Stadium

Fears for the bay

Because I am very concerned about what is being proposed by AGL and also Kawasaki for Western Port, I am writing to ask could these be brought to our community’s attention. When speaking of this to other Inverloch people, they all are surprised, having