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Positive approach recipe for Burra’s success

by Michael Giles BEFORE the present regime of the Korumburra Business Association came forward, the organisation and its relationship with the shire and the general community was mired in negativity. The shire couldn’t seem to do anything right and Korumburra, it seemed, was going

Loving the library

I would just like to say a big thank you to the staff and workers at the Wonthaggi Library. They are so helpful and welcoming, and with the increasing of the films for adults to a morning session as well as the afternoon session

Too much destruction

At last we have some acknowledgement and concern written about the destruction of indigenous and native vegetation around Inverloch. Credit to Cr Michael Whelan (Sentinel-Times, September 4), and A Forrester’s letter to the editor (Sentinel-Times, September 11). The sound of chainsaws and mechanical chippers

Why pay more in South Gippsland?

Seems many different “explanations” are given as to why council rates are so high, and councils continue complaining about how they need more money to deliver services. Calculating your rates and comparing different councils is not that easy, probably deliberately. But our South Gippsland

Keep to the tracks

Very nice article by Pee Wee Lewis from the Korumburra Round Table, a nice article that if read correctly has glossed over one thing that is vital to South Gippsland and that is a properly maintained and sustainable tourism railway. And the best bit