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Shire, state must act on turbine noise

by Michael Giles ON SUNDAY night this week, the ‘thumping’ noise from the Bald Hills Wind Farm turbines was so loud in the home of Noel Uren that between 1am and 6am he couldn’t get any sleep. “I turned the radio on to try

Blowing our rates

I am always excited to receive my annual rates notice from the South Gippsland Shire Council. Where else can I help many struggling bureaucrats not only to survive each week but provide them with vehicles to drive to and from work and for their

Our beautiful bush

Hallelujah to Cr Michael Whelan for speaking out about the wholesale destruction of indigenous growth along, just to mention a couple of streets, Lohr Avenue and Surf Parade. Since 1971 I have owned and encouraged planting on my property of bird-attracting native bush spending

Statement from the Round Table

With all the views currently swirling around about trains, community hubs and bike paths, we thought it was time for the Korumburra Round Table to clearly state where we stand on all of the above. First of all, on bringing back the trains, if

An open day invitation

Members of the Friends of Agnes Falls (FoAF) will be hosting an Open Day at the Agnes Falls Scenic Reserve, on Sunday, September 16, from 10.30am to 4pm, in conjunction with ‘Bushcare’s Big Day Out’. Look out for the two large blue marquees set