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Roads still a problem

Open letter to Member for South Gippsland, Peter Ryan: Thank you for your response to my letter re: the poor condition of the roads in your electorate. Unfortunately, there were quite a few errors in your reply and I have been inundated with calls

Port answers lost in ocean of ‘spin’

So, Port Of Hastings Development Authority CEO, Mike Lean, has rejected Cr Neil Rankine, Mayor of Bass Coast, plus a professional environmental council employee as members of his ‘Porticipation’ community consultation groups for Dennis Napthine’s “this will be Shanghai in 20 years” gigantic container

Wallies against wind turbines

Some people may be persuaded that “there must be something to it” when mainstream Rupert Murdoch type news pretends there’s a debate, with the very few noisy people, who organise protests against wind farms. Probably lost behind his other more crazy announcements this week,

Man’s best friend

First, sorry it’s depressing, but let’s not forget that all this fuss to invent local laws DAM (Domestic Animals Management) is another legacy of when Victoria got Jeffed by Premier Kennett. Checking shire websites, many are still verbatim, as received from Spring Street. Some

Inclusive community?

Australia Day was, and is, for many people, a day of moral struggles and contradictions. It began for me, as co-recipient of a Bass Coast Award for a Community Event supporting families. This unusual participation in the celebrations was the result and acknowledgement of