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Dog training is essential

I am appalled and disappointed to hear of another toddler having been mauled to death in a dog attack in New South Wales. I have been involved in dog training for 25 years at various obedience clubs in and around Melbourne (now living in

Talk to us please!

In 2008 Labor established the Henry Review of taxation ‘for the future’ but failed to follow it through with real change. Instead, new ‘levies’ were imposed on middle Australia, which continues to bear the burden, now at breaking point. Only radical taxation reform can

Don’t abolish energy corporation

It’s already organised. The Lib/Nat “would-be” Government is all set to abolish the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Their Chair (the very decent Liberal Member for Macmillan, Mr Russell Broadbent, AO) received a letter of advice to this affect last week (August 5). As a

Drugs a scourge on the community

CLIMATE change, our relationship with China and the arrival of refugees in Australia, whether by boat or in much larger numbers, by commercial air flights, are important issues. No one is saying otherwise. But governments need to be putting more time into the basics,

At least it’s better than Zimbabwe!

POLITICS reached a new low in the 43rd Australian Parliament with the blame for an appalling standard of behaviour and a lack of engagement borne by both sides. It was always going to be difficult governing without a majority but the unseemly brawl for