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Not a mistake to help kids

Phillip Island Boardriders Club has been an ongoing ‘small project’ since its beginning in 1964. I find the remarks of Mr Bawden offensive to those who have worked to create a club that exists for the benefit of its members. The PIBC has been

EDITORIAL: How councillors killed their golden goose

IF THE Bass Coast Shire Council had millions of dollars in spare cash sloshing around, why shouldn’t it accept more applications from the area’s local sporting clubs, and give everyone an annual allocation of $5000 for trophies, like it did some months ago to

Still a place for a public meeting

CUNNING public service groups and large industry bodies have worked out how to avoid one of their nastiest tasks – the open public meeting. When a contentious decision is made, there’s now a new way to tick the “public consultation” box and it’s called

Enough is enough

Who is going to put up their hand and take responsibility for the abysmal, pathetic and dangerous state of our local roads? Enough of “not our responsibility” excuses or handballing it to the next level. Will it take somebody being killed before “somebody” finally

Australian standards need flexibility

Much to my surprise, I realise I am, to put it nicely, elderly. The world I relate to has been left behind and I am now astonished at the new reality. The result leaves me confused and increasingly critical of the system. Thankfully I