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Paying first, asking later

Editor Nathan Johnston THE tradition at Bass Coast Shire Council appears to be continuing. That is, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to plan for projects that no-one wants, and will later be canned anyway. A couple of years ago it was the Cowes

How to reduce rates

Let’s combine Bass Coast and South Gippsland shires. At present, the populations for both shires is very similar. Current estimates of the populations and the expected numbers in 2031 are as follows: Bass Coast in 2014, 31,660, and in 2031, 45,257; South Gippsland in

Port survey is valid

I am writing in response to Maurice Schinkel’s Letter to the Editor (February 11) in the South Gippsland Sentinel-Times. The authority recently commenced a summer sampling program that includes surveys of water quality, seagrasses and waterbirds. The surveys are focused within the north-western area

Dog fight continues

Members of Sandy Paws and the Waterline Alliance who attended the recent Bass Coast council meeting were not impressed by Neil Rankine’s response to their questions. Though he admitted that the consultation was not as inclusive as it should have been and said “we

Juggling generosity with taxpayer’s money

As asked in a previous letter to local newspapers, can (Bass MP) Ken Smith and/or (Gippsland South MP) Peter Ryan please answer the question to explain why the result of their investigation into re-finance of Wonthaggi desal plant is now claimed by Mr Ryan,