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We’re not customers

I appreciate the hard work that people working for Bass Coast Shire Council do, but I have a small quibble. Every time I go to the council offices in Wonthaggi, I have to follow a sign that says ‘Customer Service’. More often than not,

Final word from Sherry

Our country was once a nation of fighters. We fought through depression and we fought through war and I feel that has been lost. I feel government has taken away our power and our authority and it’s time to take it back. This is

Councillor clarifies

I wish to clarify my comments regarding amendment C82 – Inundation Overlay. I spoke about areas of Inverloch specifically along the creeks and on the coastline seeking confirmation that: 1. This overlay will form part of a section 32 on a property, and 2.

Science fiction

I wonder whether DJ Auchterlonie is some kind of reclusive climate science genius who prefers to live in the splendid isolation of Trafalgar rather than take up his rightful place advising all those misguided bodies such as NASA, CSIRO, the United Nations, and so

Enough of the deniers

In order that the world’s politicians will act on climate change, there needs to be a mandate. The deniers, predominantly backed by the fossil fuel industry, have seen to it that this will not happen and have long since indulged in a disgraceful exhibition