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Rural Land Use nonsense

The Bass Coast Shire executive wants absentee farmers, living in town, to remotely manage average sized farms because “that will retain agricultural land for farming”. I don’t think so. Farmers will not only have to carry huge debt burdens to finance to buy and

Disappointment with council rates response

The response of South Gippsland Shire Council to the many submissions against the proposed 7.5 per cent rates increase for 2013/14 has been very disappointing. All councillors expressed agreement with the concerns raised about the need to control costs, consider rates affordability by the

Welcome show of strength

It was so pleasing to read Greg Price’s account of the Rural Land Use Strategy discussion at the recent Bass Coast Shire Council meeting (Sentinel-Times, page 4). At last we may have a council willing to support their electors against the pressure of council

‘People power’ sought for Grantville

We are a small community on the seaside that is being ignored by Bass Coast Shire Council and taken over by wealthy sand quarry owners. We are fighting to prevent this quarry opposite our estate on Bass Highway from commencing and we are trying

Success the result of hard work

After reading the article ‘Cricket’s border security’ in the Sentinel-Times on Tuesday, June 25 addition, I believe it is an unfair attack on the Leongatha Town Cricket Club. We are not the only club within the LDCA that have recruited international players to grow