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Please, let it be over!

FOR us mad Essendon supporters, 2013 has been an emotional rollercoaster. The shattering lows of the weekly allegations about the 2012 supplements program were balanced by the inspiring and heroic wins, particularly early in the season. The build-up to the outcome of this six

Climate steady

Re: Bernie McComb (Sentinel-Times, August 20): The alarmist position is that man-made CO2 is heating up the earth and producing dangerous climate change. Science is about dealing with measureable (empirical) data. The world’s land-based temperatures are collated by the British Met Bureau and the

Make CSG an election issue

Every three years we have the opportunity to let our elected political representatives know what the important issues are for us at an election. Yet many of us treat our political affiliation like barracking for a football team where unquestioning loyalty is seen as

Ice destroys lives

Victorian communities are facing complex and widespread challenges in the face of rising use of the methamphetamine drug commonly known as Ice. Through proactive policing there is evidence emerging of Ice linked to deaths on our roads, family violence, burglary and theft, and assaults

Unhappy gardener

As relative newcomers to Korumburra life we were attracted to the area for a number of reasons; the glorious countryside, close proximity to both the sea and mountains and not too far from the city – but perhaps highest on our list after years