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When interim plans are so good…

By Nathan Johnston IF YOU’RE going to knock over a town’s library, art gallery, historical society headquarters and main meeting space, you’re going to need to have contingency plans in place to keep the locals happy. And to that end, the South Gippsland Shire

What are fees for?

Inverloch boat ramp fees charged by Bass Coast Shire Council are significant, yet the council can’t even get their patching truck to fix cracks in the pavement which are big enough to put a fist in and do serious damage to a bike rider.

We need our wild places

The same old ‘Business as Usual’ planning and development practices of the past are no longer a sustainable or equitable way of a healthy future. Our South Gippsland Shire has declared its vision statement ‘Come for the Beauty – Stay for the Lifestyle’, however,

Australia – anything goes

In this beautiful, awe-inspiring country of ours, we have much to celebrate. However 2018 began with the news that Australia will develop its Arms Industry – for our profit. We moved on to the 10th Anniversary of the Apology to the stolen generations. In

It’s our waste!

Last week the Andrews Government was pulled kicking and screaming into releasing $13 million in a temporary measure to prop up the recycling industry. No details, no communication, no vision. The Andrews Government has known about this looming crisis in the recycling industry since