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Protect yourself from the flu

We know influenza is a highly contagious viral infection, spread by contact with fluids from coughs and sneezes. Typically, Australia’s annual flu season occurs between April and October. For the best possible protection this year, my advice to all Victorians is to be vaccinated

Law reform isn’t about who shouts loudest

by Michael Giles POLITICIANS have singularly proved themselves to be unable to run even the most basic of government programs and services, efficiently and effectively. Such debacles as the waste of money on the East-West Link, which needs to be built anyway, the national

Community sprit is still alive

Community spirit is still alive in Wonthaggi. I was having my hair done at Enter Hair in Wonthaggi. I live at Inverloch and at 4.45pm it was becoming dark and on returning to my car it was completely fogged up. The demisters were not

Some good could result

Last week your front page reported on the IBAC raid on South Gippsland Shire councillor’s home for releasing a purportedly confidential email. This could result in good news for the community. Rather than investigating several questionable areas of the council, the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption

Best fest yet

A very big thankyou to the Fish Creek Tea Cosy Festival Committee for the best festival yet! It was brilliant. A group of us had the pleasure of attending several events and every one of them was so enjoyable. We heard many very positive