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Don’t make volunteering any harder

by Nathan Johnston ONE of the great local events of the past 10 years, the Tour de Tarwin will not go ahead this year after its hard working committee simply ran out of puff. They’d achieved their fundraising goals for local emergency services, and

What a mess – mate

Arrogance, deception, wood chips and perhaps timber for milling. I attended the physio for some very painful massage. Another session was suggested and a provisional date set. The time needed confirmation. The next day was back to the clinic; unfortunately I took the wrong


How ridiculous is it that so little recycling is actually done in Australia. As 600,000 tonnes per year will no longer be acceptable by China, with no evident Plan B, it looks like much of this will go to landfill. So news on Friday,

Why export our waste?

We could use our waste to make money and jobs here. In response to your lead article last week on waste problems in Bass Coast, maybe the answer is to look for answers closer to home than China. Given that Australia is the second

Who has right of way?

from VicRoads and Bass Coast Shire Council visited Cowes about roundabouts in Thompson Avenue. VicRoads was asked to organise this meeting by Minister Luke Donellan who had become aware of my recent letter in local papers, which asked if nothing else could be changed,