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The problem with Australia today

By Michael Giles IT’S hardly surprising that so many weirdos, misfits and self-interested types are finding their way into parliamentary seats and ultimately leadership in this country today. A lot of it is down to the dysfunctional nature of our two-party system and the

Community Christmas lunch

I am writing this to try and find out if there is an affordable place where myself and others who are alone can go for Christmas Day Lunch so we don’t have to spend it alone. Many of the commercial dinners that are available

Make the energy companies accountable

Sadly many of our politicians are climate science deniers (despite floods in India, winter bushfires in New South Wales and the hottest European summer on record). These politicians have successfully changed the focus from creating effective environment policy to propaganda about power prices. Don’t

Labor has funded hospital upgrade

It was with dismay that I read the article last week where the member for Bass Mr Paynter states that the Liberals will match Labor’s commitment to fund the $115 million for the Wonthaggi Hospital upgrade. For Labor, this has gone far beyond being

Solar program ticks all boxes

by Nathan Johnston THE only negative point to the State Government’s Solar Homes program is that I’ve already bought solar panels and have had them installed. If only I held off for an extra year! The price of the system would have been halved