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Gippsland dairy on show

THE Australian Dairy Conference tour travelled through Gippsland last week, with 30 farmers and service providers from around Australia enjoying insights into the region’s production systems. The tour took in some of the most productive and attractive farmland in the region as it headed

Digging deep into soil health

AGRICULTURE Victoria staff have conducted more than 270 soil tests on farms across the Mornington Peninsula, South and West Gippsland, as part of the Grazfert program. Grazfert looks at the health and vitality of the soil and helps farmers develop a plan for ensuring

End of an era for Belfrage Southdowns

THE Belfrage family of Corinella will continue on producing fine Angus and Angus cross cattle for the trade but they are winding down their sheep and lamb production operation, more’s the pity. Belfrage Pastoral, according to their long-term agent Russell Motton, have long been

Golden years return for sheep producers

LAMB prices continued to climb both locally and around the state last week as heavy lambs topped the $200 mark and even smaller lambs suitable for the trade selling above $150 or to an average of 680c per kg which was typical. It has

Mud causing road hazards, they say

MUD and topsoil in drains and on roads can affect road safety, damage the environment and have a financial impact on both the community and farmers. In recent years the issue has become a growing concern in South Gippsland, according to the South Gippsland