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Pushing effluent uphill at Loch

THE management of dairy effluent provides many opportunities for dairy businesses. The Holman family has met the challenge of effluent application on a steeper property by expanding their application area through installing a mainline last year, and are starting to see the benefits of

Sheepdogs on trial

SOME of Victoria’s best sheep dogs and their trainers were in action at the Korumburra Showgrounds last week. The three day Korumburra Agricultural and Pastoral Society South Eastern Victorian Sheep Dog Trials attracted a large number of competitors from across the state and as

Calling the cows home

FUTUREDAIRY researchers have discovered that cows can be trained to respond to sound, opening up possibilities for teaching cows to come to the dairy in response to a particular call. Researcher, Dr Cameron Clark, said that while there was plenty of anecdotal evidence from

Make your farm drought resistant

WITH the onset of an El-Nino and the potential for an early drought, it is timely for Gippsland farmers to start making their farms more tolerant of drought conditions. The Southern Gippsland Agricultural Climate Resilience Project will host a workshop on the Drought Resistance

Meeniyan – a world class dairy town

BRENDON and Kate Martelli have seen plenty of the world – but they still reckon Meeniyan might be the best place they have lived and worked. Having grown up on a New Zealand dairy farm, Brendon was far from home when he met Melbourne