James Chetcuti, sales manager at Wonthaggi Holden, is delighted with the styling, safety and running cost improvements on the Series II Commodore, including the availability of a new, locally designed, factory fitted LPG fuel system.

THE all-new, Series II Commodore is a wonderfully refined package that offers a sensational level of appointment right across the range.
And, most importantly, according to sales manager at Wonthaggi Holden, James Chetcuti, it’s a great locally produced car, born and bred for Australia’s conditions.
“I don’t think you can stress too much how well suited the Commodore is to our conditions in Australia and the fact that it is designed and built here by Australian technicians and workers,” Mr Chetcuti said.
“But it wouldn’t be any good recommending it because it’s Australian. It’s an excellent car offering large car convenience with small car running costs.
“Holden’s all-new dedicated LPG Commodore combines sophisticated technology, five-star safety, outstanding driveability and incredibly low fuel running costs with the space, comfort and practicality of Australia’s iconic Commodore range.
“At the moment we have a number of these factory-built LPG models on the floor and believe me, they lose nothing on performance while delivering great running cost results.
“We have a number of corporates running these and for private owners, they can still get the government rebate and we’d be pleased to talk to our customers about that.”
The perfectly suited LPG Commodore program was the result of an intensive engineering project in which Holden clocked up more than 1.3 million development kilometres to deliver a vehicle that thrives on Australian conditions and driving tastes.
The program goals for the LPG Commodore were simple:
* Achieve class-leading CO2 emissions
* Achieve fuel running costs comparable to, or better than, many small petrol cars
* Achieve a seamless drive experience in-line with petrol Commodore models.
LPG Commodore has met – or exceeded – each of these goals. The thorough and extensive engineering program has resulted in numerous local engineering solutions and several patents being awarded, ensuring the LPG Commodore is tailor-made for Australia.
“That’s the sort of thing I’m talking about when you go for a car that’s designed and proven in Australian conditions,” said James.
The heart of the dedicated LPG Commodore is its 3.6-litre, double overhead cam V6 engine with four valves per cylinder. This advanced engine has been specifically developed to run on LPG, therefore allowing extensive design optimisation in several key areas.
LPG Commodore Omega sedan, and there’s one on the floor at Wonthaggi Holden now, emits just 189g/CO2 per kilometre – the lowest figure of any locally-built six-cylinder sedan and cements the LPG Commodore’s position as a fantastic option for private customers and fleets alike.
It’s not just the addition of the dedicated, factory-fitted LPG system that’s new to the Commodore Series II, Holden has made fuel-efficiency improvements across its popular V6-powered Commodore range, as well as introducing two new eye-catching colours.
The new colours, named Perfect Blue and Chlorophyll, have been designed by Holden’s Port Melbourne-based Colour and Trim team.
Combined with on-going vehicle mass reduction, Holden engineers have made a number of enhancements to the V6 models to improve fuel economy:
* All automatic V6 models now feature an improved, more efficient transmission which reduces mechanical losses and the 3.0 litre SIDI variants also benefit from a revised torque converter. The air-conditioning system has also been re-engineered to improve efficiency and draw less operating power.
* Holden has delivered consistent efficiency gains for Commodore since the launch of the VE range in 2006. Fuel economy on the entry-level Omega sedan has improved 18% over the life the model with the addition of Spark Ignition Direct Injection (SIDI) technology, calibration improvements and other weight saving and aero enhancements.
* Commodore Omega sedan, powered by the Australian-built 3.0 litre SIDI V6 engine, achieves remarkable fuel economy figures, usually only possible in a car a fraction of its size. The continued focus on fuel economy means Commodore is still the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the large car segment and is competitive against many popular mid-sized four-cylinder vehicles.
* With the model year update all Commodore vehicles will become flex-fuel capable with 3.6L SIDI V6 engine, powering models like the popular SV6, now also able to run on bio-ethanol/E85; a blend of up to 85 per cent ethanol and 15 per cent petrol.
In keeping with Holden’s strategy of continuous improvement, the design team has added extra embellishment to enhance VE Commodore’s classic exterior design and rear-wheel drive proportions for the new model year.
Check these out when you visit Wonthaggi Holden to arrange a test drive of what is a great all-round package – the new Commodore Series II – now with locally designed, proven and factory installed LPG.