COVERING a wide range of genres and armed with an impressive collection of original tunes, Foster-based duo Heartstrings are the perfect musical choice for your special occasion.
Vocalist Natalie Burrow and guitarist John Laurie made each other’s acquaintance when performing together as part of the 2011 Foster Amateur Music and Drama Association (FAMDA) spectacular ‘Cabaretro’, and both have an individual lifetime of musical history behind them.
You may have seen and heard some of John’s work on air when he was an advertising writer in Melbourne.
From the 1970s onwards, John wrote and recorded numerous soundtracks for television and radio commercials.
“They are usually about how fascinating and wonderful everyday people and places are,” John said of the pieces.
His love of nature often saw him camping at Bear Gully, or anchored at Walkerville South on sailing trips.
When he wasn’t enjoying the great outdoors, John could be seen around the traps performing with various rock bands.
Natalie’s love of all things musical began Foster Primary School, when she was given the role of a mad Irishman named ‘Paddy’, new to Australia and off to seek his fortune in gold.
Despite her accent being more Scottish than Irish, Natalie won the hearts of the entire audience.
She studied music during VCE, but experienced a major setback when she was involved in a road accident.
As a result, her goals needed to be adjusted but her love for singing and the desire to perform helped her through the recovery process.
The varied life experiences of John and Natalie are reflected in the songs they write.
They have a large repertoire that comprises of romantic ballads to bright contemporary folk music; soul numbers to rock classics.
Feedback from their audiences has always been, unsurprisingly, fantastic, with many remarking on the quality of the duo’s tone and mellow harmonies.
If live music sounds perfect for your next occasion, consider giving Heartstrings a call on 0429 782 564.