LIVESTOCK health innovator and vet John Steinfort of Steinfort Agvet, had several things to discuss with local farmers including his new, improved range of double-strength ear tags and his downer cow management system, including a riser tank to aid cow recovery.
“In the US and Europe, about 30 per cent of dairy farms have their own riser tanks which allows them to help their cows get back on their feet, especially after calving difficulties. There’s a 90% success rate with heifers and upwards of 50% with mature cows, but of course this could be a lot higher depending on how quickly you get the cow in.”
The water levels are raised and lowered in the tank to allow the cow to put extra weight on her legs and in most cases, they walk right out of the tank, cured saving the farmer thousands in lost production and livestock. John believes such a tank could pay for itself easily in one season. See advert this page for contact details.