police-blitzBass Coast Highway Patrol officers are focused on keeping local roads as safe as possible this Christmas holidays. Officers pictured, from left, include Senior Constables Garth Campbell, Scott Simcock, Allan Piening and Simone Schroder.

BASS Coast Highway Patrol (BCHP) officers will be out in force throughout the entire region this Christmas break. Numerous road blitzes will follow up dedicated operations undertaken by BCHP officers in the last month. Towards the end of November, patrol officers, along with police from local stations, breath-tested more than 8000 motorists within the Bass Coast Police Service Area (PSA), detecting more than a dozen motorists over the legal limit Sergeant Jason Hullick from BCHP said that among those caught were a 52 year-old man who lost his licence immediately after returned a reading of .107, and a Leongatha woman who had a minor collision in a residential street before blowing a reading of .129. She also had her licence suspended immediately. “Whilst considering the amount of tests we have conducted, our detection rate has been quite low,” Sgt Hullick said. “Unfortunately, more than half of those people detected have come about from random intercepts.” Police are also calling on community members to take their own action on drink driving. “We cannot make our roads safer on our own, so we are calling on the community to take action on drink driving, speeding and any other unsafe practices on our roads,” Sgt Hullick continued. “If you know someone who drives too fast, drives whilst intoxicated or is simply placing other road users in danger, talk to them. “If you feel unsafe in a vehicle, speak up!” Bass Coast police are also continuously issuing infringement notices for other traffic offences, including speeding, mobile phone use, failing to wear a seatbelt and unlicensed driving. “These types of offences will continue to be a focus for us, especially over the holiday period, as they are key elements that lead to road trauma,” Sgt Hullick said. “With the continued focus we are definitely seeing some reduction in road trauma locally and we are hoping to maintain that trend.”