tailgatingI am constantly disgusted by the dangerous habits of local drivers. It is bad enough avoiding the many big potholes on the road and constant speed changes they cause but irresponsible, impatient drivers make it much more dangerous. Both myself and friends have been overtaken over double lines on many of the roads between Korumburra, Foster, Mirboo North to Leongatha to name just a few. These drivers not only risk their lives but the lives of innocent drivers trying to do the right thing. Many motorcycles, trucks and cars also tail-gate, overtake on blind bends and on approaching crests of hills etc. Please observe the road rules and be more courteous because one day someone in your family may be affected when an irresponsible driver injures or kills them doing exactly what you are doing to other drivers. If all road users drove to conditions and obeyed the line marking and speed restrictions, the roads would be safer for all. Tailgating in road work or badly potholed areas is extremely dangerous and intimidating. Many times it is almost impossible to comply with lowered speed limits because of the unsafe behaviour of some drivers. How many more innocent lives need be lost before people take notice and do the right thing? Wake up please everyone and take more care and allow more time especially while local road conditions are less than ideal. Sue Cashin, Meeniyan.