weather-map-Feb-2013Bands of showers which deluged Wonthaggi and Inverloch on Wednesday didn’t drop rain where it was most needed, at Korumburra, where residents are on Stage 2 restrictions.

SO FAR, no good! Level Two water restrictions have not been eased in Korumburra as a result of the tropical rains that hit parts of the Gippsland area in the past few days.

In fact the small catchment area north of the town received only a fraction of the rain that poured down on locations to the south, including Wonthaggi and Inverloch, as well as Warragul in the north, with most of the heavy falls simply dodging Korumburra’s reservoirs.

“We seem to be in a bit of a dry zone here,” said keen rainfall recorder, Athol Worthy, who has emptied only 19.5mm out of his rain gauge in the past three days – 6mm on Tuesday morning, 4.5mm on Wednesday morning and 9mm on Thursday morning.

Very little of that, if any, has run off into local reserves with most simply being sucked up by dry, thirsty soils.

There’s still some chance of showers on Thursday and Friday but then it’s back to dry conditions for four or five days at least.

Far from lifting restrictions in Korumburra, South Gippsland Water has the town on a close watch with higher level restrictions on the cards.