Students-Won-NthGrade 6 students Liam Brewer and Brittany Rutjens called in to have some lunch with their new buddies Cayden Blackwell and Kiera Rowe on their first day. J080613

WONTHAGGI North Primary School’s pre-Prep program has again paved the way for an almost seamless transition for the new class of students. The new Preps attended school for a few hours every Friday throughout fourth term last year, making the big step of their first day seem less daunting. Wonthaggi North welcomed 52 new Prep students this year, up from 48 last year. Principal of Wonthaggi North Matt McKittrick said the first day on Thursday ran very smoothly, despite some customary tears, mainly from parents. “You wouldn’t know it’s the Preps’ first day. It’s really their 10th day at school because of the program last year,” Mr McKittrick said. “The Prep teachers from last year ran that program for the kids and the parents have had the information sessions on healthy food, uniform and school policy so they are prepared as well.” Some parents however found the day a bit challenging, especially for the first time school parents. “There were a few tears from the parents. The Parents and Friends group run a Tears and Tissues morning tea where some parents had a cuppa and a chat in the staff room,” Mr McKittrick said. Thursday also marked the first official day for five new teachers who joined the Wonthaggi North staff, with the school creating two new classes with the overall numbers remaining at around 350.   Among the new faces in the staff is Grade Prep teacher Jenna Rowe, Grade 2 teacher Marissa Cashmore, Grade 5’s Courtney Ralph, Grade 6’s Peter Slidders and PE teacher Sarah Rosendale.  The Prep students are completing full days at school four days a week, having Wednesdays off until the March long weekend.