13kidsThe cast of ‘13’ wowed street goers during their flash mobs on Saturday morning, with the performance in front of the Inverloch Community Hub no exception.

THE cast of the Wonthaggi Theatrical Groups production of ‘13’ made a huge impression on local shoppers last Saturday morning with ‘flash mob’ excerpts from their new musical production around five local towns. And if that’s an indication of what to expect when the show opens on Saturday, May 25 – book your tickets now! The flash mob stunts were a publicity campaign across Leongatha, Inverloch, Wonthaggi, San Remo and Cowes ahead of the show’s opening at the Wonthaggi Arts Centre on Saturday, May 25. In true flash mob fashion, the street performances were not publicised and had sections of the respective towns at a standstill throughout the captivating routine, surprising shoppers and café dwellers by the hundreds. “We wanted to try different publicity this year and publicity that highlights the contemporary feel of the show. The Flash Mobbing was a perfect way to do this,” production director Karen Milkins-Hendry said. The kids were transported by bus from Leongatha to Cowes, getting off at each town, to perform a seemingly spontaneous singing and dancing act in front of hundreds of unsuspecting passers-by. With opening night less than two weeks away, the teenagers aged between 11 and 17 years old were rearing to showcase 13 to their various home towns. For cast member, Bronte De Lacy, the flash mob idea was brilliant. “We jumped out of the bus, danced to the music, then jumped back on ready to surprise the next town. It was so cool,” she said. “It was an awesome experience. So much fun,” added 13’s Maria-Rosa Gatto. Though flash mobs usually take the unsuspecting audiences by surprise, there was no keeping the proud parents and siblings away from this exciting street performance. Many parents followed the bus around South Gippsland, to watch the teenagers perform and get their first taste of this fantastic show. “The kids were amazing – really, really good,” Wonthaggi resident Lorna Donohue said. One of the most experienced performers in the cast and lead of the show, Adam Turner, selected the music for the Flash Mob, putting together a medley of 13 songs. “I wanted to show-case the diverse range of music in the production. It’s going to appeal to people of all ages and musical interests,” Adam said. “There’s soul, pop, rock, ballads and contemporary.” 13 is being directed by award winning trio Bron Kalos, Karen Milkins-Hendry and Kirk Skinner of the Wonthaggi Theatrical Group. There will be 10 shows from opening night on May 25, through to closing on Saturday, June 8. To book contact Wonthaggi Workmen’s Club on 5672 1083.