wonthaggitoyotaSarah Ventura, Tony Cuzzupi and James Chetcuti from Wonthaggi Toyota and Holden have a great deal for members of Wonthaggi Power, Dalyston, Inverloch-Kongwak, Kilcunda-Bass and Phillip Island Football Clubs.

WONTHAGGI Toyota and Holden are offering a unique opportunity for financial members and players of local football clubs throughout this season. Members of Wonthaggi Power, Dalyston, Inverloch-Kongwak, Kilcunda-Bass and Phillip Island football clubs have been rewarded with a $500 store voucher to use when purchasing a new or used vehicle. Tony Cuzzupi from Wonthaggi Toyota and Holden said the offer was a fantastic opportunity and one with an added incentive for clubs. “The members and players will not only get the best price and service from us, but also $500 off the negotiated price. “That’s right, after you negotiate the best price with us, you can get a further $500 off the price,” Tony said. The five clubs have already received $500 for participating and will receive an additional $1000 if 10 or more vehicles are sold to club members throughout the football season. The deal, valid until September 30, is one on top of the clubs’ various sponsorship packages from Wonthaggi Toyota and Holden. “A problem that we have is just figuring out how to sponsor the different clubs in the area. “We have tried a few different things over the years but this way it is fair and a novel way of sponsoring the clubs,” Tony said. “If members participate we can look after them and they can look after us, everyone is happy. “We will put their names on the board as a contributor so people can see where the value goes.” Collingwood Football Club members can also save further when purchasing a brand new Holden. Holden, a sponsor of the Collingwood Football Club, is offering $550 cash back to Magpies members. “If someone is a member of a local club and Collingwood, they have the opportunity to get up to $1050 off a new Holden with these two offers,” Wonthaggi Holden’s James Chetcuti said.