Letters_csgAre you aware of the horrific side of Coal Seam Gas {CSG} mining?

I saw a video on TV taken by a farmer in USA. Before he accepted the big dollars from the CSG company to explore on his property, he visited neighbouring states. What he uncovered was absolutely astounding and horrific! He learnt that to ‘frack’ the gas out, they have to drill down more than 1km through the water table, with the machinery loaded with water, sand, and over 300 horrendous chemicals to split the rock apart. Each farm had many gas wells. Water taps could be set on fire, creeks had continuous uncapped gas and chemicals bubbling to the surface, and gas plants spewed gas into the atmosphere. When he put a blow torch into a pool of water clouds of floating plastic formed. Families and animals were ill and produce was contaminated. The farms were therefore useless and unsaleable. Drinking water was being trucked in. And there was phenomenal cover up.  I am now learning more of what is happening in Australia!

To ‘frack’ with pressure and chemicals, the rock cracks in jagged lines at the weakest points. How could the chemicals and gas released through these cracks be caught?  Surely they both would head for the surface, under pressure, and forever pollute the water table, rivers, the sea and the atmosphere, adding to global warming? Farmers in Victoria have the legal right to Lock The Gate on the gas companies. Everyone else must help them do so. This is the very food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe – and our planet! And it is urgent! I believe there are already 5000 wells in New South Wales and Queensland, and there is already a 30-year, $100 billion gas deal with China. Learn about CSG mining and tell others!

Maureen Versteden, Drouin.