Letters_SuccessAfter reading the article ‘Cricket’s border security’ in the Sentinel-Times on Tuesday, June 25 addition, I believe it is an unfair attack on the Leongatha Town Cricket Club. We are not the only club within the LDCA that have recruited international players to grow and progress as a team and club. Last season (2012/13) was the first time LTCC had looked into this option. Are we just expected to sit in A2 and not try to better ourselves and lift the competition standards?

Bringing new players into the LDCA brought interest near and far from spectators wanting to watch quality cricket being played. I don’t see how this is any different from going to Melbourne and recruiting grade cricketers for the club. Amila Ratnaike and Madura Weerasinghe were not the only recruits LTCC had in season 2012/13. Joe O’Loughlin came to the club as captain/coach, scoring 548 runs and taking 16 wickets. His fresh outlook and enthusiasm created an excitement around the club from existing members. Matt Davies, Matt Smith, Nathan Johnston, Jareth Hume and Mat Wilson (to name a few) also returned to the club after taking time off – all of whom played A Grade during the course of the season.

As well as our up and coming juniors – Matt Borschman, Jake Burge, Jordan Bolge, Sam Clark and Lochlan Hanks – all of which contributed to the 14-1 record of 2012/13. Our aim from the AGM held prior to last season was to return to the A1 competition and provide the best facilities for our players and members within the LDCA. Bringing new players into the club and LDCA means we are not stealing players from local clubs, as cricketers are hard to find at the best of times. The club’s expenditure was not extravagant, as the article suggests (you can’t always believe everything you hear). We work extremely hard as a club to “raise” the funds that have built our clubrooms, our playground, our practice nets and of recent our turf wicket. You can’t hold it against a club that has numerous amounts of members that are willing to give up their precious time to work hard!

I am extremely disappointed to have read such an article that puts down this great club.
Brian Davies, Life Member, Leongatha Town Cricket Club.