Letters_WelcomeIt was so pleasing to read Greg Price’s account of the Rural Land Use Strategy discussion at the recent Bass Coast Shire Council meeting (Sentinel-Times, page 4). At last we may have a council willing to support their electors against the pressure of council staff, who, on that occasion were seeking immediate approval for a hastily constructed draft strategy document, which has the appearance of being put together, without undergoing due process.

Reading this account reminded me of a disagreement I had several years ago with a Planning department staff member regarding a planning permit.  In the course of the discussion I told him that I would seek support from my local councillor. His response: “Councillors don’t tell us what to do. We tell them what to do!”. This attitude astonished me at the time and still that attitude remains.I congratulate the mayor and councillors for standing up to the pressure and refusing to approve the strategy in its current form.

Lyn Whitlam, Glen Forbes.