Web_An-interrupted-journeyTravelling from the Kinglake Ranges and planning to spend a couple of days at Inverloch to attend our grandson’s birthday party, turned out to be very eventful! As I was unwell, we decided to make a detour via Wonthaggi Hospital to check if I had a urinary tract infection. Entering through the emergency department, I was soon seen to and our fears were confirmed, as I not only had a bladder infection but the infection had spread through to my kidneys and was spreading through my body. So the doctor advised me that I needed to stay in hospital and the staff started to look for an available bed for me.

By then I realised that I obviously needed more than a few tablets to get on the road to recovery. The experience of being a patient in Wonthaggi Hospital was a truly positive one as I received fantastic professional and compassionate care and was kept fully informed of what was happening to me and the possible consequences of what the future may hold. At first, my condition didn’t improve greatly due to the fact that we needed to find the right antibiotic to treat the infection and it became clear that the infection was even more severe than first thought.  On the ward I received all the attention I needed and the caring attitude of the staff was fantastic, above and beyond the call of duty, whilst also being nourished by a great variety of fresh food from the kitchen staff.

I cannot emphasise enough the excellent care and professional attention I received during my five day stay, which made a difficult journey so much easier. On discharge I received detailed information regarding where to go from here and information on how to go about it. I believe the Wonthaggi Hospital is an integral part of the community and does a very worthwhile service deserving all the support needed to keep up their excellent work of caring for their community’s health and wellbeing. See above the example of my granddaughter Emma Patterson of Inverloch giving a helping hand!

Jack Walhout, Castella – Kinglake Ranges.