Web_as-bad-as-each-otherAustralia signed up to an international CO2 emissions reduction target by 2020. The Coalition say they can meet the same target as Labor at less cost. From p13 of Coalition Direct Action Policy Plan – “It’s envisaged the Fund will invest an annual average of around $1.2 billion in direct CO2 emissions reduction activities through to 2020”.

From table on p22, “Potential Available Additional Annual CO2 Reduction by 2020”, “Electricity Generators & Industry”, “10 to 30 million tonnes”. Let’s split the difference, so 20 million tonne reduction. When you divide this into $1200 million, it means that Direct Action Plan Policy allows $60/tonne for CO2. Before anybody has an apoplectic fit, 20Mtonne is the amount of reduction, not total. In recent times, national total electricity emissions have been around 200Mtonne, so dividing this into $1200M, it means $6 per tonne. Hallelujah, $6/tonne Coalition offer matches European ETS price being adopted by Labor. So no difference. Too cheap to even plant a tree but cheap to save for strong economy to protect (?) us from climate change when they’re eventually convinced to do so. Looks like time to send both of them an election message by voting your first preference with any other party. Hallelujah indeed!!

Bernie McComb, Cowes.