Web_Bikes-and-ParkI read with interest D Hanks’ Letter in the Sentinel-Times regarding keeping bikes off Prom tracks and out of National Parks. He obviously is not a bike rider or has interest in mountain biking. For the record nearly all our official legal mountain bike trails are in National Parks, Alpine Parks and state forests. The Otways, Mt Buller, Heritage listed Tasmania and New Zealand are some of the more recognised trails available. These trails are properly planned, constructed and maintained to be both enjoyed and safely ridden by a wide and diverse range of the population.

We as bike riders don’t pollute our valuable and much loved forests with noise and petrol fumes, rip up the ground and cause even more damage to already marked trails. Your word “hoons” compares us to motorbike riders. Do they let those same riders into areas such as Buller, You Yangs, Falls Creek and Baw Baw to name only a few? Fortunately for all of us, it’s a resounding no but as responsible bike riders we are allowed to enjoy these magical areas.

Allowing biking in the Prom will open up some unseen country most have never seen. A small number of bike riders would be only there for a day type trip as back packing heavy gear for overnight stays would not be an option. This I’m sure would generate some much needed tourist dolloars into the community. If you’re ever interested in what’s available around the state, look me up, I’m more than happy to show you our already purpose built facilities such as well marked and sign posted trails, toilets, barbecues, picnic tables etc that cater for bike riding.

Tim Smith, Phillip Island.