Web_Dont-let-them-inThank you to the Sentinel-Times for comments in the ‘Yes, but is CSG safe?’ article last week relating to the coal seam gas industry (CSG) and the adverse effects it may have on the land and water in Gippsland. There is very clear evidence of the irreversible environmental damage happening elsewhere along the eastern coast of Australia. For instance, the Caroona Coal Action Group (est.2008) and the SOS Liverpool Plains organisation in New South Wales state that ‘together we are committed to protecting the invaluable soil and water resources of the Liverpool Plains, along with the rural way of life’.

I recommend interested readers check out their website at http://ccag.org.au to learn more about what we can expect in the future if the CSG industry is permitted to come in and poison our soil and water (already begun at Seaspray). The changes to Bass Coast Shire planning regulations relating to the building of dwellings on rural land will certainly happen, just as they did in South Gippsland Shire despite a long and hard fought campaign by rural landowners.

I wonder if these changes, directed by the Victorian State Government, are not to protect our agricultural land but are really to ensure the majority of the land remains sparsely populated so there will be less people to oppose the CSG companies. I can’t believe the government is being so incredibly short sighted that it intends to turn Gippsland into one large coal seam gas field, whilst importing our food from overseas. The sooner we declare ourselves to be CSG-free shires the better.

Libby Lambert, Bena.