Web_Give-us-a-breakI live in Adams Estate, Grantville and have been trying since 2008 to get a speed limit sign on Stanley Road from Anne Street to June Street where there are residential houses. It is a rough, narrow gravel road with a lot of traffic using it. We have problems with speeding cars that do not slow down for pedestrians walking up and down Stanley Road. Our children and cars continually get pelted with stones from the road with these speeding drivers and in summer it’s horrendous with the dust.

We have had a number of incidents up here with cars going into the bush from sliding out off side roads. A couple of months ago there was a head on collision. We have had VicRoads, Bass Coast Shire Council and (Bass MP) Ken Smith here to look at safety problems up here with no success. We organised a petition and finally got a traffic counter from the council to give data back to VicRoads to support our need for a speed limit sign of 60km/h which was attached to the Mary Street pole.

It was there for a couple of days and was stolen on Sunday night (July 14). To the person/s who took this counter, it does not take pictures of your car. It is simply there to read the amount of traffic that utilises the road and their average speed. It is of no monetary value or use to you but it was priceless to the residents of the estate to finally get data to be given from the council to VicRoads. So please, either return it to Bass Coast Shire Council or put it in my letter box (yellow house on Stanley Road) and I will return it to the council. This was our last hope with VicRoads to get something done up here.

Kathy Hopkins, Adams Estate.