Web_No-decisionIn reference to a recent letter about cycling at Wilsons Promontory National Park, there are some points that need to be clarified. Most importantly, no decision has been made on this proposal. The Wilsons Prom Advisory Group are volunteers from a wide cross section of the community that serve a three year term and provide advice from the community to Parks Victoria on a range of issues relating to the park, considering the balance between conservation, recreation and tourism.

A discussion paper to investigate trialling cycling on the Five Mile Road and the Telegraph Track was recently discussed by the group. Any proposals from the group will be considered by Parks Victoria against legislative requirements of the National Parks Act, the current management plan and other regional planning priorities. It is important to note that the current management plan only allows access for cyclists to roads open to public vehicles and the Norman Bay Beach. I am also aware that there are numerous other cycling opportunities in the region. The Wilsons Prom Advisory Group is a great source of information for Parks Victoria, but advice always has to be balanced against park priorities.

Andrew Marshall, Parks Victoria – Regional Director, East.