Web_saleyardsIT’S COMING up eight years since it was announced the Korumburra saleyards would be sold off and closed, and since the final sale, the site has been left to decay into a state that can be at best described as embarrassing for the town. Who’s at fault will not be the subject here; rather, what would be the best use for this prime piece of real estate.

With the rise and rise in popularity of farmers’ markets and the expanding range of produce that’s coming from this region, perhaps a big trading centre could be established featuring the best our land has to offer. Buying local has extra appeal and could drag in shoppers from across the region and beyond, given our reputation for the finest fresh fare. A totally unrelated option could be popular with the kids and families who often lament that there’s just not enough to do around here. With the nearest 10-pin bowling and amusement centres close to an hour away in Cowes or the Latrobe Valley, something similar would have to be a hit around here. There are probably dozens of ideas, so send them in to news@sgst.com.au to start the discussion. We’ll apply some pressure and maybe help find a solution.

Editor Nathan Johnston