Web_the-playbookThank you Sentinel-Times for your article on the film The Playbook, which was made locally. I was fortunate and also glad that I attended the first screening of The Playbook at the Wonthaggi Cinema. I am pleased to see that the film is being screened in a few cinemas and appears to be being supported by groups who will hopefully spread the word. I urge our local families to support and attend a screening as it is a heart-warming, thought provoking family film.

Yes, it is a religious-type of film and I am not a ‘Church goer’, but it is a real life situation film and I believe that it would help many people. I wish the producer Darran Scott, good luck. I am also hoping that the film will do well around Australia and make it to the USA also. Thank you also to the Wonthaggi Hospital Ladies Auxiliary for showcasing the Victoria Police Concert and Pipe Band last Wednesday afternoon. They are certainly excellent musicians and great entertainers and what a voice from the very petite and versatile Daina Jowsey. You could listen to her for hours. Her rendition of Amazing Grace, was just that, amazing. She had the audience so spellbound that they forgot to clap before the pipers piped the finish to the song. If they are ever “in town” again don’t miss them.

Tracy Jenner, Coronet Bay.