Web_Veggies-should-be-encouragedReferring to the Sentinel-Times article, July 30, ‘Council orders vegies out of nature strips’. When our family moved to Inverloch in the mid-90s, we planted out our nature strip with a variety of native plants. No-one said we had to have a permit. The only point of concern was to ensure vehicles entering the street had good visibility. These plants are still thriving today.

That a regularly maintained vegetable patch on a nature strip is unsightly and must be removed is a signal that some Bass Coast Shire regulations should be updated to reflect what is happening in progressive communities. Council should be encouraging residents to grow their own food and to increase biodiversity rather than the monotony of grass. I wonder whether a permit to plant out a nature strip is only required following a special charge scheme. Station Street South Dudley is a very quiet street. It has recently been paved, piped, guttered and a concrete footpath installed. Four speed humps were mandated as part of the scheme. Residents concerned about unsightliness should be lobbying council to manage the weeds that are proliferating along the south side of Station Street.

Aileen Vening, Wonthaggi.