Web_broadband-policyIt beggars belief that country people and the National Party aren’t up in arms over the Liberal’s Broadband Policy. Their current ‘plan’ allows nearly 10 per cent of users in the fixed line footprint unable to access 50mpbs by 2019 – a basic speed by that time. In short, their policy fixes a digital divide for a year or two and then creates it again. This is on top of all the other deficiencies of their plan. Too many to mention here.

The people unable to get the 50mpbs will be the people near the end of a very long copper line, making upgrading to Fibre on Demand prohibitively expensive for nearly one in 10 businesses and households in the country. It’s believed even Satellite and Fixed wireless are capable of this basic speed with simple upgrades. For those that think the economy is the most important issue this election, I applaud you. But think very carefully what it means when nearly 10 per cent of the country are not be able to access what will be a very basic communications service, at an affordable price, in the very near future.

Anthony Wasiukiewicz, Yallourn North.