Web_council-clairfiesI wish to clarify my comments regarding amendment C82 – Inundation Overlay. I spoke about areas of Inverloch specifically along the creeks and on the coastline seeking confirmation that:

1. This overlay will form part of a section 32 on a property, and
2. That current housing developments have done all the necessary risk assessments factoring in flood inundation.
This was confirmed by the Director of Planning and Environment, Ms Hannah Duncan Jones. I apologise for any confusion my comments may have caused. It was not intended to alarm people with properties along our waterways. It was ensuring this is not ‘new news’ to anyone. The purpose of planning overlays is to trigger a planning permit and in this instance would generally relate to habitable buildings. This amendment further ensures property owners are aware and design their building accordingly. The current subdivision at Screw Creek has been approved and as part of the process submitted all the required surveys, technical and environmental reports.

Cr Jordan Crugnale, Townsend Ward.