Web_drunk,drugges-or-stupidWE should name and shame the loud and obnoxious group of one club’s supporters who tried to ruin a day at the football last Saturday at Cowes for one section of the crowd at the Alberton league’s second semi-final. That would clearly be unfair, in this forum, to what is an otherwise extremely well-run club that enjoys fantastic community and volunteer support and considerable success on and off the field.

But make no mistake, the loud, abusive and drunken behaviour of this group has damaged their club’s brand, at least in the eyes or those who witnessed their increasingly raucous antics last weekend, whether they like it or not. They had their own ample supply of alcohol. They began drinking too early in the day. And what started out as a fun day with the boys threatened to get ugly by mid-afternoon. It’s exactly what we don’t want to see at the footy, especially if you’ve paid upwards of $30 to get you and your family into the ground.

By all means have a drink with your mates at the footy, particularly if it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon like it was last week. But remember it’s all supposed to be fun. Get involved by barracking. Some of the best entertainment can be had listening to the clever comments made by well-informed supporters. Get out and have a kick of the footy during the quarter breaks or listen in to the words of wisdom from the coaches but don’t ruin it for anyone else by drinking too much. Apart from grand final day, when there is an increased security and police presence, most of the other finals days pretty much look after themselves locally, or they have in the past. But if this sort of behaviour becomes prevalent, the Alberton league will be saddled with extra expense to cater for the idiot factor. They might also have to clamp down harder on people bringing in their own liquor, especially spirits, and introduce a purchase-only, light beer rule. If you want that, keep it up fellas!