Web_alliesBy James Brosnan

ANOTHER winless season from the DWWWW Allies is over but their steadfast attitude to keep the club alive remains intact. Like John Lennon once sung, the Allies are taking the attitude of ‘another year over – and a new one just begun’. Before the Allies’ season ended with yet another loss to Toora on Saturday, plans for 2014 are already well underway out at Alberton West. The Allies held two meetings in the past week to quash a number of rumours that have been circulating about the embattled club.

President Murray Farley said the club is not folding, looking for a merger or switching leagues and is vowing keep up the fight.  “We had a club meeting last Sunday first of all with the whole club about where the club should be heading. “A lot of other clubs are putting rumours out that we are folding and merging and the like,” Mr Farley said. “There have been discussions within the club over the past five or six weeks due to reports in papers about where we are heading. “We had a meeting to quell the rumours and what came from that – the playing group wanted to meet with the committee to discuss some of their issues so we did that on Tuesday night. “The players discussed the recruiting side of things because we have a very young side. They were saying we need some experienced heads and some hard bodies to help them out. “As long as the committee addresses their demands with what’s required they are certainly hoping to stay at Alberton West.”

The Allies senior team has won just one of their past 77 matches. A win over Toora in Round 12 last season broke a 51-game losing streak, only for the club to have since lost the following 25, including all 18 in season 2013. “We may have gone about it the wrong way. We have tried to get people to the club for the right reasons and not people sticking their hands out for a few dollars – that’s the nature and culture of our club,” Mr Farley said. “Our club is quite strong and we’re no different to any club – it’s just that we haven’t won a game in our seniors.” Mr Farley admitted this season’s lack of progress had taken the club by surprise. “We did hope to win up to half a dozen games which hasn’t happened,” he said. The Allies had an average losing margin this season of 109.5 points and averaged just 28.5 points for. They were beaten by over 100 points in 11 of their 18 matches, the worst of which was a 239-point drubbing from Stony Creek in Round 17.

A 28-point loss to Tarwin in Round 15 was the closet they came to victory. Coach Glenn Garner, who took over the role for this season, has indicated he won’t be taking on the role again for 2014.  “We have already started planning for 2014, it never stops,” Mr Farley said. “We are speaking to potential senior footballers for next year and we have also spoken to couple of people in regards to coaching. “We are very proactive in what we need to do, it’s just a matter of getting those people on board and we will go forward.” Remarkable to many around country football, the Allies continue to ‘surge ahead’. “We’re very passionate down this end of the league and a couple of people have said to us ‘when do you give up?” Mr Farley said. “It’s just not in our DNA to give up – that’s the attitude we have got and we will push forward while we have the support of our sponsors and supporters. “If it gets to the day when we don’t have enough players, then we will have to have another look at it.”