Web_enough-of-the-deniesIn order that the world’s politicians will act on climate change, there needs to be a mandate. The deniers, predominantly backed by the fossil fuel industry, have seen to it that this will not happen and have long since indulged in a disgraceful exhibition of deceit to ensure that those who can’t think for themselves remain in a quandary as to the true state of affairs regarding the vast amount of credible climate science.

Last week a prolific writer to the local newspapers bobbed up with some more of his bitter vetch, obviously aimed at unsuspecting readers. Sadly, the editors continue to accommodate this miserable wretch who flippantly throws in ‘clear thinking’ as one of his virtues. Well, for the benefit of those who were impressed, what did the piece in The Australian, August 22, 2013 report regarding Dr Richard Pachauri’s comments? That’s apart from the carefully chosen extracts one might already have perused.

1. “Dr Pachauri said that global average temperatures had plateaued at record levels and that the halt did not disprove global warming.” Unquote Note; ‘record levels’.
2. “What is quite perceptible is, in the past 50 years the trend is upwards. This is not to say you won’t have ups and downs – you will – but what we should be concerned about is the trend, and that is being influenced to a large extent by human actions.”
3. “If you look at the last century, records tell you that the increase in average surface temperature has been 0.74 degrees C,” he said.
There is a mountain of scientific evidence which highlights the fact that warming in the Arctic is some degrees higher than average planetary temperature increases and one can only wonder what affect this will have on global weather patterns.
4. “Dr Pachauri said the IPCC was yet to finalise its estimations for sea-level rises and the contribution from melting ice sheets”.
5. “Overall, Dr Pachauri said, ‘we aren’t doing all that well in global attempts to combat climate change’.”

Does this persistent contributor understand the greenhouse effect, once studied at Year 8 or 9 level, and do you? The surface of the planet would be 40 to 50 degrees cooler but for the greenhouse effect and the most influential greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide. This is of the most basic chemistry.

Ray Astbury, Cowes.