Web_final-words-from-shellyOur country was once a nation of fighters. We fought through depression and we fought through war and I feel that has been lost. I feel government has taken away our power and our authority and it’s time to take it back. This is a unique opportunity for all Australia. We have all had a gut full of the duopoly of government, and we have all had enough of the political party lines.

We are people of life experience, we have people with dignity, and we have people with respect and honesty for the Australian people. People of McMillan, this is your chance. It’s a unique opportunity to have a voice as it may be the last time the democratic view is fully represented in Australia. Palmer United have candidates in all 150 seats around the country. We represent all of Australia, not just the seats we think we can win.

Matt Sherry, Candidate for McMillan, Palmer United Party.