Web_Family,-some-heritageOn August 14, 2013, we received a letter from Bass Coast Shire Council advising us that our property had been deleted from the Interim Heritage Overlay imposed on us September 2006! A simple request to identify properties with heritage significance escalated with the endorsement of a few busy bodies to apply an overlay on many streets and roads which placed most of us under an overlay with numerous restrictions!

This impost has caused much angst to numerous residents in many ways due to restrictions that apply on such an overlay. Two A4 sheet papers would not suffice the anomalies that have been applied and sanctioned. It soon became evident that this issue had absolutely nothing to do with heritage, and appeared to be all about control! Thanks go to former Hovell Ward Councillor, John Duscher, who valiantly fought for his electorate but, without success to have this resolved. Thanks now go to Deputy Mayor and Hovell Ward Councillor, Neil Rankine, who also took up the challenge.

The dictionary classification of ‘interim’ is temporary. This issue has to be the longest example in history! To quote my admired and lovely friend, Joseph Vincent McCarthy, former Registrar for the State of Victoria, “This is a matter of complete embuggarance!” NB: Buildings of heritage significance should be acknowledged; streets that were sealed, kerbed and channelled in 1975 could hardly be classed as having heritage significance. It has always got up my nose, that affected ratepayers were never informed of this impost prior to notices being received in the mail, nor did council know when questioned that such notices had been distributed to affected residents! Four of us were made to feel such ‘fools’. Shame, shame!

Mary Bramall, Wonthaggi.