Web_vote-countMany voters are not quite clear about the preferential voting system in the House of Reps and think that a vote for an independent or smaller party is a wasted vote as usually either Labor or Liberal party ends up with the seat. After all the votes are stacked up according to the number 1s against their name, the candidate with the fewest votes is knocked out and their votes stacked onto the other piles according to the number 2 on their forms.

Once again the candidate with the lowest votes gets knocked out and the votes stacked on the piles according to the next preferred candidate on the forms and so on until there are only two candidates left and the highest one wins. That means that your vote will be counted whoever you mark as number 1 as long as you fill in the form correctly and number all the boxes. If you want to vote for a big party but want them to take more notice of the policies of an independent or smaller party, you can, in effect, make your vote count twice. A vote for the Greens will send a clear message to the old parties that they should take a more progressive and fair stand on social justice issues and strong action on climate change. In McMillan, we need a strong stance against CSG fracking our beautiful and productive farmland for a short term grab for cash, better support for farmers and more action on local jobs in a 21st century zero carbon economy.

Dr Malcolm McKelvie, candidate for McMillan.