FWeb_Please,-let-it-be-overOR us mad Essendon supporters, 2013 has been an emotional rollercoaster. The shattering lows of the weekly allegations about the 2012 supplements program were balanced by the inspiring and heroic wins, particularly early in the season.

The build-up to the outcome of this six month investigation, expected to be handed down in the next few hours as I write (yesterday, Monday, August 26), has been torture. We’ve tried to laugh off the friendly jibes from mates, but deep down this is hurting. (Facebook friends have been wiped if they’ve dared to compare Jobe Watson to Lance Armstrong). I headed to the MCG on my own on Saturday night without the kids, fearing the worst from the Carlton fans whose dislike of Essendon is only matched by our dislike of them. I needn’t have worried. Aside from booing Jobe, Blues fans were more interested in their own team’s problems.

Maybe they are just as sick of the relentlessness of this story as we are, and just can’t wait for it to be over. Without knowing the full details (despite months of stories and opinion pieces), most Essendon fans have gathered that what happened last year should not have happened. We’ll cop that the pursuit of premiership success took our team to the edge and accept that the edge is not a pretty place. Let’s hope the AFL redefines the boundaries and for the sake of all footy fans, hope that no-one goes near them again. For all lovers of footy out there, enjoy the finals, and go the Bombers in 2014! Whatever it takes, within reason!

Editor Nathan Johnston