Web_scrience-fictionI wonder whether DJ Auchterlonie is some kind of reclusive climate science genius who prefers to live in the splendid isolation of Trafalgar rather than take up his rightful place advising all those misguided bodies such as NASA, CSIRO, the United Nations, and so on.

If not, then I think we can probably ignore what he (or possibly she) has to say. Except on the rare occasion that a Charles Darwin or an Albert Einstein comes along, scientific fact is arrived at by a consensus reached by the experts working in the relevant field. And, unfortunately for Mr Auchterlonie, the overwhelming majority of climate scientists have concluded that we are in grave danger from runaway, man-made climate change.

I wonder, does Mr Auchterlonie smoke 60 cigarettes a day, secure in the knowledge that there is still the odd “expert” out there who denies the link between smoking and lung cancer, or does he accept that the scientific consensus about the health risks of smoking is more than likely right? And why stop at smoking – perhaps he also believes in a flat earth? If the calamity facing mankind wasn’t so serious, opinions such as these would lie somewhere between misguided and foolish. As it is they are depressing in the extreme. You are entitled to your own opinions, Mr Auchterlonie, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

Jonathan Dixon, Phillip Island.