Web_Stopping-the-boatsLooks like a narrow fight for our Liberal/Labour politicians, concentrating on ruthlessness of refugees and economic mismanagement. Doesn’t mainstream media continue to disappoint? Each boast they “ask the hard questions” while they keep subjects as narrow as possible, trying to score points, rather than explore the issue. Associated Press reported last week that climate change refugees can be expected very soon because, in Pakistan, demand for drinking water now exceeds supply.

In recent years, Pakistan has experienced extreme annual floods followed by drought. Storage in snow and ice of Himalayas is much reduced and 80 per cent of agriculture is irrigated. Major water supply is Indus River. It flows in from India, now building dams upstream to satisfy their needs. Two thirds of Pakistan’s population is under 30 years old. Between now and 2030, population is expected to boom from 180 to 256 million. A program on ABC Radio National reported that Indonesian population was expected to grow by 50 million between 2000 and 2020, with agriculture already stressed. Population size is an even harder question than climate change. How about asking our leaders what ideas they have to turn back climate refugees, 100 million or more?

Bernie McComb, Cowes.