Web_thanks-to-our-fire-crewOn Wednesday, July 17, as I was leaving for work, I noticed that there was smoke and flames coming from a rusted fluorescent tube in the carport attached to the deck of the house. In a panic, I was unable to open the meter box to turn the mains power off and was vaguely aware that you don’t put water on an electrical fire.  After phoning 000 for the fire brigade, they arrived within 10 minutes in which time I managed to turn off the power and the fire had abated.

The Inverloch crew were very helpful and reassuring. They inspected and disabled the light fitting and also provided advice for me to pass on to an electrician for replacement. A second fire truck from Pound Creek arrived shortly after. I felt embarrassed that I had put a lot of people out. They would have been going to work or about their own daily business but it was wonderful to know that these people – either paid or unpaid volunteers were there to help. Undetected, this fire could have been much worse, possibly endangering neighbouring houses and the environment. If you have never had a fire experience before, it was terrifying. I want to thank the local CFA for their great service and would encourage others to have their electrical fittings checked regularly.

J. Johnson, Inverloch.