WITH encouraging signs of better conditions there has been increasing numbers of boaters and landbased anglers trying their luck.
There have been very encouraging reports of good fishing with big snapper being taken along with flathead and gummies.

Surf: Salmon are being taken in good numbers.  The best time seems to be on the run in tide, which is usually the case.  They are taking a variety of baits, which include white bait, silver fish and squid.  Surf poppers have also been doing the job and as well as salmon there has been a sprinkling of flathead and the occasional gummy.

Inverloch: There have been many good reports coming from this remarkable Inlet.  At the entrance there have been plenty of salmon being taken on the run in tide by boaters and landbased anglers.  James Hager contacted King George from Cranbourne seeking advice.  He was directed to the inlet near the bathing boxes and rang the following day very happy.  James said that he and a mate bagged 17 very nice salmon, flathead and a dozen whiting that were all around the 45cm mark.  The fish were all taken on pipis and squid.  There have also been other very encouraging reports of whiting being caught up as far as Stevie’s Gutter.  Maher’s Landing is always worth a try where landbased anglers are catching a variety of fish on the run in tide.  Mullet, silvers, flathead and the occasional whiting have been caught on a variety of presentations including whitebait, pipis and Bass yabbies.

Tarwin River: The River still has plenty of water but there have been perch taken above the highway bridge to the 34cm mark.  The run out tide seems to be the best time to try your luck where soft plastic lures and Bass yabbies have been the best of the presentations.  There have been a few mullet and silvers making an appearance.

Shallow Inlet: Andrew Starrett who runs the local caravan park says that over the last week when conditions have allowed there have been many boats out on the water trying their luck.  Andrew also decided to try his luck and ended up with a bag of salmon, which made the effort worthwhile.  There have also been good numbers of big silvers and mullet but no sign of whiting.  This is to be expected and Andrew expects them to arrive shortly as the water temperature rises.

Port Welshpool: Information from the Boat Storage is that the area is slowly coming out of its winter freeze where just about everything fishing wise slowed right down to almost nothing. That seems to be changing with reports of whiting, salmon, silvers and gummies being bagged.
The fish have been taken on both sides of the tide and taking a variety of presentations. The jetty has also been worth a visit where mullet, silvers, flathead and mullet are in reasonable numbers and being bagged on the run in tide.

Port Albert: Josh Dessent who is the publican of the local hotel says that the fishing has come to life, which is great news.  Josh says that flathead are in good numbers and being caught by boaters and landbased anglers.  There have also been good numbers of snapper being landed with one ripper dragging the scales way down to the 7kg mark.  The local jetties are also popular with visitors and locals alike and many are doing well mainly on the run in tide.

Lakes Entrance: Town jetties are producing luderick.   Reeves Channel and Rigby Island have Spanish mackerel, Tommy rough, salmon and tailor on the go.  Best baits being pilchard fillets.   The surf is also worth a shot using pilchards and metal lures.

Lake Tyers: Toorloo Arm and Cherry Tree as well as upstream are producing bream.   Flathead around 45cm are cruising around Devils Hole and upstream to Nowa Nowa.   Best results are on lures.

Mitchell River: Grassy Banks and down to the mouth are producing bream from 30-35cm.  Best baits are spider crab, metal lures, vibes and local prawn.

Tambo River: From Punt House Point and towards the mouth of the river have nice bream from 28-30cm.  Best bait being prawn, worm and shrimp.

Nicholson: From Punt House Point and towards the mouth of the river have nice bream from 28-30cm.  Best bait being prawn, worm and shrimp.

Metung: Boardwalk, local town jetties and up to Shaving Point has been good for bream.  Best bait is peeled prawn.  Bancroft Bay and Bowran Point are producing salmon.  Try hard body lures.

Paynesville: Newlands Arm and McMillan Straights and even past the slipways for bream, perch and mullet.   Bait of choice has been prawn and sandworm.

Hollands Landing: From the mouth of McLennan Straights and toward Bull Point bream have been caught on prawn, worm and pipis.

Marlo: From the entrance, up to both lakes and upriver from the fishing platform, good bags of bream, luderick, salmon and tailor are being taken. Best baits are prawn, worm, plastics and lures.  Also the surf and offshore are areas worth a try.

Bemm River: The river mouth, Luderick Point and from storm refuge out to the sand dunes have bream, salmon and luderick.  They are looking for metal lures, worm and also try soft plastics as well.
Tamboon Inlet: Grassy and weedy areas are best for luderick, bream and mullet.  Also try from the rocks and up to Pelican Point.   The best baits are soft shell crab, peeled prawn and shrimp.

Mallacoota: Bream, luderick and flathead are cruising both lakes, taking prawn, soft plastics and yabbies.   You may have to keep on the move for best results.  The surf is also worth a look at for salmon where a variety of baits and lures have been doing the job.

Bellarine Peninsula On Saturday morning, Murray Scott, his son Darcy and friend Scott Teasdale fished in front of The Cottage by the Sea at Queenscliff where they caught 42 whiting on the incoming tide.  While their biggest fish measured 43 cm, most were from 38 to 40 cm.  As they were about to leave, Darcy spied a Snapper floating on the surface, just drifting in with the tide, and after a short discussion with angler Tony in a nearby boat, Tony pulled the anchor and picked up the Snapper which was about 4.5 kg and still very much alive. On Saturday, Keith Fry headed out to a spot in 16 metres of water off Indented Head with companions Colin Starick and Samantha Brennan, hopeful of catching a Gummy Shark or two as he had in the past.  As it turned out there were no Gummy Shark on offer.  However, Colin did catch a Seven-gilled Shark of 2.2 metres and Keith hooked a good size fish but pulled the hook before he was able to bring it alongside. All the while there was a good flathead bite going and they caught any amount from legal size to 35 cm or so, an activity which attracted the attention of a seal which began stealing their fish, including what would have probably been their biggest flathead, from Samantha’s line. Thanks to Geoff Wilson for this report.

Keep the fishing info coming to King George on snafu1@dcsi.net.au or 56 723 474. Good Luck and Tightlines.