Web_Unhappy-gardenAs relative newcomers to Korumburra life we were attracted to the area for a number of reasons; the glorious countryside, close proximity to both the sea and mountains and not too far from the city – but perhaps highest on our list after years of Melbourne living, was the ability of enjoying a larger portion of land and not living in close proximity to noisy neighbours.

We clarified council rates and the services included prior to buying our home which is set in an acre of garden. As keen gardeners, the free tipping of green waste was a major player in our decision to settle here because we knew it was a service we would regularly use. Since July 1 when tip fees were introduced we, regretfully, have not been able to clear and dispose of this waste as we would like as the fees are simply prohibitive. Our usual fortnightly visit to the transfer station to dump garden clippings, often purchasing a trailer load of mulch at the same time, has gone by the board as we cannot afford to pay what would likely be in excess of a further $800 per year on top of our rates.

Instead, we’re slowly making piles of green rubbish throughout the garden and counting down the weeks until it is dry enough to burn. Having spoken with other landowners and observing as we drive around we are not the only ones doing this so, come some warm, dry days watch out for the smokey haze as many of us attempt to rid ourselves of our piles of garden refuse. Just as an aside, yes, we did pay to tip our greenery in Melbourne, but we had twice yearly hard refuse collections for furniture etc. and any large neatly tied shrubs or branches plus a fortnightly green waste wheelie bin. To date, we have notification of an increase in our rates but no mention of any such regular replacement services here. Whoever made the decision to charge for green waste disposal was extremely short sighted because residents will have accrued piles of permanent ‘fire fuel’ lying around their properties or, come the warmer months, take risks in burning off.

S. Wilson, Korumburra.